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Day 1 Ramadhan 2011

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Day 1 Ramadhan 2011

To be honest, I was worried. I had no idea how I was going to manage doing a 10 hour plus shift on a Monday in A&E and fast. The shift started at 8am and would finish at 6pm. Monday’s are always bad days. It’s the first day of the week and it just happens to be the day when people come to A&E in their droves.
I was booked in for majors and resus. For some reason I did not have my normal coffee cravings first thing. A good sign! The taste for the bitter stuff seems to have gone. That was one of my fears dealt with. I am not going to become a caffeine starved angry monster today!
The day was instead pleasantly busy but not crazy. It meant that I could walk around department instead of run. It meant that I could see interesting cases and get them sorted, transferred or discharged appropriately, without getting stressed.
I hardly looked at the clock, as my stream of patients were seen and dealt with. Not a single tummy rumble to be heard! It was actually a really excellent first day of Ramadhan – which saw the breaking of fast at 20.55. Maybe its not going to be as difficult as I had initially feared. But it’s got to be done either way-easy or hard. Working in A&E often means not getting a chance to catch a break-so I think its prepared me well.

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