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Is Siac today's Star Chamber?

Posted by Saleyha Ahsan on 15 August 2011 | 0 Comments


Is SIAC today’s Star Chamber?

The more I delve into the murky Kafkaesque world of secret evidence use in British courts-the more my belief that this a regressive movement in terms of the British justice system is reinforced.

The political hand behind it all is blatantly obvious. Strange judgements come out of higher courts making no sense whatsoever stating that regional conventions relating to fair trials and access to liberty are not applicable to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission. And yet they find that they are applicable in other courts. Why? 

On researching  the Court of the Star Chamber, infamous for its oppression and cruelty particularly under the rule of Charles I, I am now convinced it has been reincarnated in Field House, Chancery Lane.

It is back, this time instigated in its present form and use under the rule of Blair.

Here is what I found written about it in Maitland’s, Constitutional History of England (1908)

‘There can, I think, be little doubt that the Star Chamber was useful and was felt to be useful. The criminal procedure of the ordinary courts was extremely rude; the Star Chamber examining the accused, and making no use of the jury, probably succeeded in punishing many crimes which would otherwise have gone unpunished. But that it was a tyrannical court, probably succeeded in punishing many crimes which would have otherwise gone unpunished. but that it was a tyrannical court, that it became more and more tyrannical, that it was a court of politicians enforcing a policy, not a court of judges administering the law. it was cruel in its punishments….’

More on the Star Chamber  later…..



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