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'Saleyha Ahsan is a former British Army officer and an emergency medicine doctor who's just returned from Syria, where she was volunteering in makeshift hospitals in the north of the country, near the Turkish border.

She was working under the hardest conditions imaginable - as the UN has recently confirmed, the Assad government is deliberately targeting doctors and hospitals.

Saleyha Ahsan was accompanied by another emergency medic and a BBC crew, whose documentary, 'Saving Syria's Children', went to air this week.

When she joined us via Skype from London, Saleyha talked about what happened when a Syrian regime warplane dropped a bomb on a school near the clinic she was working in, and how she's coping with the trauma of that incident.

Saleyha Ahsan spoke to our producer, Jess Hill, who spent last year reporting from the Middle East.'

ABC The Interview witth Jess Hill.

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